Why not?

I build all my own computers anyway, so let’s try a REAL challenge and build a machine from the late 1990’s, get nostalgic and play some cool old games! I had owned an Atari 800, a MacSE, Mac Quadra, and a PC. I remember Lode Runner, Ancient Art of War, Diablo, Doom, etc.

Read on to learn about the choices you need to make in selecting old computer components and to gain knowledge on how to make a good choice for yourself. …

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I wrote a bunch of Python code as a proof of concept for converting audio samples (for musical instruments- synthesizers) into 8-bit format for creating floppy disk images for a famous lo-fi sampler from the ’80s, the Ensoniq Mirage. You read that right- floppy disk images. The code works (well, on my machine) but is not easy to use (https://github.com/mogrifier/miragetools). I need a desktop app to simplify use, maintain easier, and distribute the application. I have built PyQT and JavaFX apps in the past but wanted to try something different, and I believe much better, as it turns out.

Enter Electron


I am going to try to NOT write too much and just provide the outline (and then some) of a deployment checklist for a webapp with the following high-level architecture:

  • web client
  • application server
  • database
  • cloud services
  • other integration (services, application data exports)

This is NOT for deploying just a website- you can find plenty of those on the net. I assume you have already finished development, you don’t have any typos, and your SEO strategy is set. Also, you have a pretty high knowledge level so you will understand all of this without help. This list is not all-inclusive…

I don’t like Python. I like developing on a Mac even less. So let’s try both! Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I am running Big Sur. I need to set up a Django Project that uses a Postgresql database. I intend to manage postgresql with PgAdmin. I have Anaconda installed and also Brew.

Getting The Tools I Used

Note that I preface terminal commands with “>”


I used anaconda to update python, but got so far- version 3.7.4. Conda cannot currently update beyond that on a mac. Not bad but I had hoped for 3.9.


What is cyber security orchestration and why do you need it? First of all, it pertains to operational cyber security. Applying cyber security during system and software development is another topic altogether (google DevSecOps for pointers). Data networks are growing every way you can imagine: size, power, value, capability, and hence, complexity. The growth is exponential, and it causes great challenges in securing a network. Major networks contain a huge number of network security elements, each with many features that must be configured properly at all times to ensure the system is working right. We know how hard this is…

I have worked with data-driven applications and databases for finance, telecom, military sensors, and bioinformatics since the late 1990’s. For the past 5 years, I have focused on data management systems in support of scientific research and machine learning. I am sharing the knowledge gained through my work because it is relevant to other businesses.

Raw data has value, but that value can be increased by processing the data into information. Information is suitable for additional analysis (machine learning or otherwise) which converts it to knowledge. It takes effort to make these data transformations, but once done, you have data…

You write code. You save it online or on a hard drive. What if the company hosting your online repository goes out of business and fails to have good continuity of operations? Is devastatingly hacked (do you know their back up procedures on GitXXX)? Or your own hard drive crashes, gets stolen, or eaten by a dog? Do you know which upcoming updates will break your current code that is using deprecated methods? What if your lead engineer gets hit by a bus? How do you prevent your cloud service provider (or any big, fast-moving open source project) from updating…

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Getting Cute

Writing desktop apps is almost an oddity these days, since everything is so web-centric. In fact, web development tools and techniques have even moved into the desktop space as first-class citizens, with the help of projects like electronjs. However, there are still very good tools out there for writing apps that need a little more power. QT is one of them. If your company is working on apps, have a look at QT. It can also support mobile application development and it can leverage C++ and Python coders.

I am doing a very simple task- running “Hello, world” using the…

Suppose you are starting a new company or just want a new direction in your own company and are wondering what to do for a tech stack? Read on! Several years ago, my company went through a major reboot. We acquired all new customers, spun out a company (which is hard work!), and hired an almost entirely brand new engineering team. We were down to the smallest staff in years. Was this a crisis or an opportunity?

We have always been pragmatic about our tech stack. Previously, we had changed our build system from rBuilder to Jenkins and went from…

Erich Izdepski

Software engineer and architect who’s built web, mobile and desktop apps in multiple industries over a span of more than 22 years. CTO @ BTS Software Solutions.

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